Feeling at Loss over Basic Bass Fishing Techniques? Help is Here

Bass fishing is one of the favorite pastime activities in United States and due to its attraction and enchantment many people from all over the world are pouring in to try their hand at bass fishing either during their vacation or during specific visits made for the purpose. The classic part of bass fishing is that as and when you get more exposure, the more adept you will become and you can improve your bass catch in a consistent manner.

You may not be aware that seasoned anglers will not directly jump into fishing, but they will first assess the situation and conditions and decide on their strategies appropriate for the situation and use them to increase their bass catch. Senior or the experienced anglers out of their wisdom gained will be familiar with the various techniques and use them for best results.

In order to become a better bass fishing enthusiast, you need to know things better and here are few guidelines or techniques that may help you in your bass fishing endeavor.

The Useful Technique

Whenever you cast your rod and the bait along with it, make sure you cast it at the required depth and keep shaking the line so as to imitate that the bait is a live bait. You can also draw the line by 6 inches and drop again every minute so as to create an alluring situation for the bass to take the bite.

Assistive Tips

• If the time is Spring season, use 1/8 ounce weight after positioning yourself in shallow waters and casting deep at uphill

• During Fall season, try to cast your bait down hill for better results

• Use Texas rigged worm to avoid any hang up

• Make your worm suspended for 90 percent of the time

• Keep your hooks sharpened for good results

• As far as possible try to be natural and cast your bait in such a way that it is suspended straight in the water

• You must learn to shake your bait and not drag it so as to make the bass think that it is really a feed and not a bait.

• Choose your spot first and cast your rod so as to get a better bass catch

• If the water surface is covered with moss, then use some kind of scent that can serve as a lubricant for penetrating through the thick cover

• Use only basic jig colors such as Brownish black or Blackish blue

• To lure inactive bass you can use plastic worms fitted with a glass head
• Tighten your drag all the way down as you cast for better hooks

• An ideal 17-25 pound test line is the best bait casting gear

Many bass fishing enthusiasts first learn patterns and establish the same for improving their catch and hence you must first learn to understand all the essential techniques and once you get to know them then nothing can stop you from making a big bass catch.

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