Know How Bass fishing turned out to be a Paying Recreation in Florida

Of all the sports and recreation activities, Bass fishing is the only recreation that pays the pursuer and for this reason only that this sport or the activity has gained vide spread popularity in Florida too.In Florida there is no dearth for fresh water resources and hence the bass fishing took strong foothold here and continued to provide recreational opportunities to over 1.32 million people of all age groups. Further, the sport is also recognized as n money earner and the total amount of money earned so far nears 2 billion dollars in 2001 alone.

The main reason for Florida to become the hot spot for bass fishing is that the state has been generously blessed with many lakes and rivers and serve as a very big source of oxygenated water, the very basic need for bass fishes to survive and multiply. Though the bass are normally seen in dam sites, the water bodies found in Florida are very ideal spots for bass and you can find nearly 32 species of bass fish in all these lakes and rivers put together.

Besides the prized bass, both large and small mouthed, you can also find Catfish, Crappies, and Pan fish in the waters of Florida and the popular fresh water games are known as Bass fisherman or pan fishermen or cat fishermen locally.

In Florida, every year will see many fishing games and it will be always the fishermen’s delight, as each and every angler will strive to beat the record by catching not less than 10 to 12 pounds of bass or other species such as brown bull head or Channel catfish. The seasoned anglers who participate in the game do it for the sheer competition and there are also few groups who are interested in the delicious taste of these water creatures.

In Florida, Pan fish provides a tasty fillet and it has become a delicacy in the state. The referred Pan fish can be seen in abundance in fresh waters of canals, rivers and lakes of Florida and when it comes to the variety there are many varieties such as Shell Cracker, Blue Gill and Oscar.

The basic requirement of fishing tools for any angler are a cane pole, a tin of worms, and lot of patience. In Florida, it is a practice where you can see anglers preferring ultra light spinning out fits with tiny spoons and spinners with popping bugs. With all these fishing gears you can be sure of catching at least 50 numbers of your favorite bass and with little more knowledge about bass and its habitat, you can consistently increase your bass catch numbers.

Bass fishes are known for its acrobatic behaviour and they travel fast and be able to sense humans from a great distance. They move in groups and are very fast at striking at the lures or baits and hence throw a very great challenge even to seasoned anglers. In order to be successful in your bass fishing, you must first learn various techniques involved in the sport and even as an amateur you can see your bass catch growing with time.

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