Why the Lake Okeechobee is the Paradise for Bass Fishing Enthusiasts

The typical Indian meaning for the word Okeechobee is “Great Waters” and true to the meaning, the Lake Okeechobee stays spread in a whopping 748 square miles in South Florida. The same lake also serves the purpose for drinking water for the entire state and the average depth of the lake varies from 13-19 feet.

The Lake Okeechobee, which is famous for its spread, is also internationally popular for bass fishing. The Lake Okeechobee is roughly 2 hours drive and is located towards north of Naples and there will not be any dearth for restaurants, motels and shops in the area.

You can also see good lodging facilities and when it comes to the needs for your bass fishing, then there is no shortage for availability of rented boats and other facilities. Lake Okeechobee is the second largest lake next to the biggest Lake Michigan in the whole of United States and the lake is also well known for its reputation for fishing activities.

The Lake Okeechobee, which occupies an area of 450,000 acres, is conveniently situated in lush surroundings with sumptuously interspersed with trees and with a levee and a dyke. The total circumference of the lake may well exceed 150 miles and the width between two shores at the greatest point will be 30 miles across and you can see most of the fishing activities on the western shore of the lake.

The Lake Okeechobee gets its recharge from regular rains and from the south flowing Kissimmee River and the average depth of the river ranges from 9 feet to 17 feet. The Lake Okeechobee is ideally located in the Central Southern parts of Florida and it is also sufficiently surrounded by open water canals, various vegetations, and different waterway structures to support fish population.

You can see the Port Mayaca on the eastern side of the Lake Okeechobee and on the western side the Moore Haven Lock. You can also see drainage canals that supply water to the adjacent farm lands for agricultural activities and you can also see a variety of rural based activities such as dairy farming, crop cultivation, cattle ranching, etc., around the Lake Okeechobee.

You can see people from all cities coming to Lake Okeechobee for fishing and you can even see people from far off countries like Japan and Europe coming to Florida for the sake of bass fishing in the Lake Okeechobee.

Once you are over the Lake Okeechobee, you can see varieties of bass such as large mouth bass, small mouth bass, blue gill, etc., and this lake is one of the largest sources for bass in the entire United States. The advantageous Hoover Dyke on the southern side of the lake provides for irrigation and this dyke is also instrumental in avoiding flooding of the lake during monsoons.

You can find many trained and efficient guides who take care to conduct guided tours for the visiting tourists and for the bass fishing enthusiasts as well. These guides are also experts who can teach you about the habitat of bass and help you in maximizing your bass catch.

If you are convinced and are willing to pay a visit to the Lake Okeechobee, then make it happen during the fall to early spring season, as these seasons are the best for you to see unlimited numbers of Crappie and Bass and get a chance to boast about your bass catch.

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