Want to have a Big Bass Catch? Know them First

Bass fishing is one of the favorite sports in America and people of all ages get themselves involved for the sheer entertainment the sport can give to them. The sport will still be more interesting and enchanting provided you know little more about bass and this article will certainly serve the purpose of enhancing your knowledge on bass.

There are various types of bass and you can have small mouth bass, largemouth bass, striped bass, spotted bass, and many more. The other fish such as White Perch or White Bass is also coming under the species Percicthyidae and belong to bass in general.

Generally bass prefer cooler temperatures where as the stripped white bass prefer temperate climate and hence they are known as temperate basses. When it comes to fishing, bass fishing is different and fishing for striped bass is still more different and you need to have separate and unique approach for the various types of basses.

In order to make your catch a big one and that too with consistency, you need to know more about the habitat of bass, its preferences, its behaviour, etc. As said earlier, there are many bass varieties and added to the existing species, the warm water bass or the popular black bass is a yet another species identified recently.

To start with you should be able to differentiate the bass by merely looking at the mouth. For example, the jaw of the large mouth bass will get extended beyond the eye and you can use this feature to differentiate it from the small mouth bass, which has got a reddish eye, and the jaw will stop well before the eye area.

The next identification feature is the weight of bass, and the small mouth bass will normally weigh around 7 pounds and are found in rocky streams. Number wise and sport wise, both small mouth and large mouth bass ride on same plane and both have occupied an indisputable position in fresh water sport.

Initially bass fishing was done mainly for food, but later it evolved into a sport in United States and you can see many tournaments being conducted every year that will attract many fishing enthusiasts from all over the globe. Today bass fishing sport is a multi billion dollars industry after its humble beginning during the year 1950.

When you look at the revenue or the money involved in the sport, you are sure to get surprised at the 2 million dollars turnover realized every year out of competitive bass

Today, bass are no more a food item and once they are caught they will be released back into the waters again by the anglers for the fear of getting penalized for dead bass. In any competition, the live bass catch will be weighed and all of them will be released back into the waters for the bass to continue its natural habitat.

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