Got a Chance to Participate in Bass fishing tournament? Never Miss it

Out of many recreational activities, bass fishing is one that can shower you with enchanting experience and a fulfilled feeling. And probably this could be the reason for more and more people getting themselves involved in bass fishing and bass fishing tournament in particular.All through the world, bass fishing tournaments are very popular and each and every time the weight of the caught bass keeps increasing and this particular feature makes the tournament still more exciting and interesting.

Though catching a big bass depends on your luck, you can further enhance and improve your chances of catching a big one by adopting few techniques. In order to catch a big bass and to stay in limelight, you need patience and a very great deal of stamina and endurance level. And when you combine your abilities with few added skills then you are sure to come out successful in your biggest bass catch.

Your skill and experience play a very vital role in your bass fishing endeavor and once you have decided to participate in a tournament, then you must see that you are devising the strategies well in advance and more precisely.

There are many tournaments being conducted and the Northwestern Ontario tournament is worth mentioning here and besides this you also have Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship on Rainy Lake. The Shoal Lake Bass classic tournament will take place during the first week of July every year in the Shoal Lake, Ontario.

When it comes to the weight of catch, usually the small mouth bass steal the show than the large mouth bass and the usual catch will be in the range of 32-34 pounds. The first ever national level bass fishing tournament was conducted in the English River system in Grassy Narrows, Ontario and this is being conducted regularly during the third week of July every year.

The largest ever tournament that has been conducted in Canada is the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship and the total cash prize alone will come around $1,72, 500.00 and a $50,000.00 is the first prize amount. In this tournament, many participants have even clocked 55 pounds range catch as the winning weight.

The bass fishing tournament dates back to the year 1955 and ever since the first ever competition was held, the popularity of these type of tournament has grown year by year and you can even see tournaments offering big prize amount ranging from 50,000 dollars to even 100,000 dollars.

As said earlier, most of the winners have won the prize for their small mouth bass catch, but recently large mouth bass have also started showing up in competitions. Again the size depends on the water depth and the large mouth bass will be found more if the water is high.

If you are really interested to bag one of those high prize amounts, then you can look for the various bass fishing tournaments that are being held regularly all through the states and other countries. Once you search in the internet or contact your other anglers, you can come to know more about the various competitions that are being held on every alternate months or weeks such as Ding Wang Ford Bass tournament.

Irrespective of your age, you can participate in all these tournaments and you can try your luck. All over the world, tournaments are being held regularly and you can see them conducted regularly in places and the following are the few regularly conducted bass fishing tournaments - Crow Lake Classic, Last chance bass, Stratton Fish Derby Agimark Lake fishing tournament, Lows Annual Live Release, White fish bay fishing derby and Crow Lake Classic.

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