Find Out What Makes Georgia Bass Fishing Very Amusing

When it comes to bass fishing, at least one out two people would have had some experience and would have had their hands tried at few fishing rods. Because of the enchanting nature, Bass fishing keeps many people hooked to it and it is high time you also have had your part of excitement in bass fishing.

Bass fishing is a kind of sport that once you learn the basics and understand the habitat of bass, you yourself can form various tactics and techniques for catching bass and each and every day will be a new one for you and no doubt to the bass too.

As you get enough knowledge and gain experience in bass fishing, you can also try your hand at many of the tournaments that are being conducted regularly; and who knows that you could even win some of the prestigious awards.

When it comes to bass fishing, Georgia is considered as a leader and it is also known for its spotted bass and deep-water bass fishing. Unlike in other areas, in Georgia you can spot the popular “spots” which is nothing but the spotted bass and you can even catch these spots weighing around 4 pounds each.

As said earlier, the spotted bass will not grow as big as large mouth bass and they also do not do many acrobatics like that of small mouth bass. However, fishing for spotted bass is real fun and in the act you can end up with bass with a body weight exceeding 8 pounds too.

Spotted bass are commonly seen in Central and North Georgia where the Coosa and Savannah River drain the area. Of late, Georgia is considered as the favorable area for the spotted bass to live and multiply and fishing enthusiasts have found that spotted bass have suddenly shown up here in the year 1998, long after its first sight years back. The normal length of spotted bass will be around 10 inches and rarely you get spotted bass with 15 inches length too.

A simple look at the spotted bass may not make you to differentiate it from large mouth bass, but the spotted bass have a sandpaper-like tooth patch on its tongue, which is conspicuously absent in large mouth bass. Further, the jaw of the spotted bass will not get extended beyond its eye like in its large mouth counterparts.

In Georgia, the Lake Jackson is one of the oldest reservoirs and is situated in the center of Georgia. This particular lake is popular for its high weighing trophy bass and the number of large mouth basses that weight more than 10 pounds is really countless. This Lake Jackson is responsible for draining the excess water from Alcovy and yellow rivers and it is not the trophy bass source any more.

There is one more lake by name Oconee, which is situated around 30 miles from Lake Jackson, is also a most sought after destination for bass fishing in the entire Atlanta area.

Georgia is a wonderful land and when it comes to bass fishing it can never fail to satisfy any angler and your visit to Georgia will certainly become fruitful and enchanting.

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