How you can have a Big Catch of Small Mouth Bass in Canada

Out of all the known places suitable for fishing, all fishermen and anglers will unanimously vote for Canada when it comes to Bass fishing and especially small mouth bass fishing. Canada provides the best fishing ground and during the months of March to June, entire fishermen population will head for Canada for fishing.

The wide geographical diversity in Canada is the main reason for its popularity in fishing and you can almost indulge in all fishing activities such as ice fishing, saltwater fishing, and fly-fishing. When it comes to the source for these fishes, Canada has got all the possible combinations and you can do fishing in lakes, rivers and other water bodies.

In the whole of Canada, small mouth bass fishes are very popular and you can see these fishes in almost all places, be it creeks or rivers or lakes. Small mouth bass habitat under rocks and hence they are aptly called as rock fishes and in Canada, besides these rock fishes you can also see and catch other fish species.

The small mouth bass comes under the sunfish species category and there are many names with which these small mouth basses are referred to and any seasoned angler will not have any difficulty in identifying them irrespective of the name with which they are called.

In Canada, you can find these small mouth bass distributed everywhere and hence you need not travel great distances searching for these furious small mouth bass. Normally, the small mouth bass fishes are either bronze or brownish green in color with dark colored vertical bars on the sides. The upper jaw of these small mouth bass doesn’t get extended beyond its eyes and this feature is the identifying factor for differentiating the small mouth bass from its large mouth counterpart.

In order to have a big bass catch, you need to learn few basics and know more about the nature of bass, its habitat, its preferences, etc. Further you can also increase your bass catch provided you are able think and act as bass itself.

Though bass fishing is not that an easy task, once you know the tactics and techniques, you will become an expert bass fishing enthusiast and will never need to return empty handed.

If you have chosen to fish for bass in streams, then you must cast your rod in upstream and make your baits drift so as to catch the attention of the bass and allure it to take the bite. If you are fishing from a boat, then you may anchor upstream and cast your rod in the direction of the current to attract the bass from its hiding.

While using live baits such as crayfish or minnows, note to lower them directly beneath the boat and allow sufficient time for the bass to see and get attracted towards your lure.In bass fishing only your consistent and concerted efforts alone could result in better catch and you should learn them with many slips between your cup and the lip.

You need to practice patience in learning the techniques and once you become adept at bass fishing, then nothing can stop you from catching bass in great numbers and you yourself will be able to devise new techniques for alluring the bass from its hiding place.Bass fishing is a great challenging hobby and a sport and when it happens in Canada, then the excitement will get doubled for you and for your entire family.

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