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Bass fishing is one of the enchanting sports activities and within the broad scope for fishing, the fall and winter season bass fishing is unique and pleasantly different from the rest. In order to make a big bass catch, you should know more techniques and you should always think and behave like a bass. Once you master the art of Bass fishing techniques, then there is no stopping for you and soon you will be able to devise your own tactics to lure the evading bass and make it to bite your bait.

Normally small mouth bass takes around 8 to 10 years to grow fully and to attain a body weight of 5 pounds. Hence, whenever you catch these bass, note to leave them back into waters so as to maintain the delicate ecological balance. Bass prefer cooler climate and in acute winter they may settle deep in the water. Hence during winter, note to use split shooting so as to allure your bass. Though the split shooting is the toughest part in any bass fishing, once you learn it you can use it with ease and increase your bass catch.

The bass are very clever and they can identify humans from very great distances. They also vary their biting tendencies depending upon their activity levels and it may vary from soft to very hard landing. Whenever the bass takes its bite with pressure, you will feel the drag in your line and as you reel in or pull, the bass is more likely to follow your line upwards.

You can also use the special sweep set hook and once you feel the bite pressure, you can drop the tip of the rod towards the fish, reel down little and sweep the rod horizontally away from the fish. Then just pull the fish to the boat and in case the fish doesn’t show up you may need to cast again.

When you choose your location, always choose a location without any weed and cover and as the bass prefer coolers spots accord priority in choosing your spot where the water temperature is less. Though the bass prefer cooler temperatures, in extreme cold they seldom become active and hence any amount of your casting in winter may not yield any bass result at all.

During daytime, as the temperature keep rising at mid of the day, bass fishes go deep into the water and to shady spots. Hence, under such circumstances, cast your bait either deep or in shady areas and on an overcast cloudy day cast in shallow waters.

Once you are in bass fishing, you will find every day as new and you will learn new tactics on a continuous basis. Document all your successes so that you can make use of them in future

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