Ways and Means to Enhance Your Ontario Bass Fishing Experience

Ontario is a great city and the various scenic lakes have made this place a haven for small mouth bass fishing. Though Ontario is popular for its small mouth bass fishing, you do have a chance to go for fishing for large mouth bass too.Fishing in Ontario’s open waters for small mouth basses is really a nice experience and you can use test line that may weigh 6-10 pounds and spinning rods of 6 to 7 feet. Note to use minnow-shaped ribbon for shallow water bass fishing.

Small mouth basses are known for its acrobatics and hence earned the sobriquet “tail walking” and these tough to catch and hard fighting basses can be found in deep water during summer and they are also abundantly seen in weed edges, rocky structures and submerged islands.

Ontario is also known for its beautiful and enchanting wilderness and the bass fishing experience in such a wilderness can never be explained in words and you have to indulge in the act itself to fully understand it.

It is a wonderful scene to see many small mouth basses jumping and diving back into the waters and in order to lure them, you can use many types of baits. The success rate of such baits or lures greatly depends on the location, climate, water quality and many other factors. To understand and appreciate bass fishing fully, you need to go through many information and you yourself should get engaged in the act for a decent period of time.

For example, if you fail to catch even a single bass in waters that has got submerged weed patches, then you can use crank baits or spinner and see the basses taking a bite on your baits instantaneously. Similarly, driving crank baits can allure both small and large mouth basses in deep waters to come out of their hiding quickly. You can get to know more such information from your friends and other information sources and once you know many of them you yourself can analyze and devise new and novel methods to get a hefty bass catch.

As Ontario is famous for small mouth bass fishing, and as the techniques differ for catching small mouth bass from that of large mouthed ones, you must first get to know as how to differentiate the small mouth bass from its large mouth counterparts. Small mouth basses are normally found in rock ledges and there are specific lures such as minnows, crawfish, hellgrammits and leeches to allure them. You can also use plastic worms and flag flies with success.

In Ontario it is a practice to group the small mouth bass based on their size and hence you should learn to use the appropriate techniques depending upon the group you have chosen or found in the spot. In Ontario, the month of June is the right period for small mouth bass fishing and they can be found at 10 to 15 feet depth during this season.

If you are fishing as a group, try to be with the group by staying within the area marked by marker buoy and the best place for small mouth bass fishing is none other the Ontario. Pay a visit to Ontario and you are sure to have an experience that will be worth for cherishing in your entire lifetime.

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