How to Fall in Line with Striped Bass?

Within in the broad ambit of bass fishing, striped bass fishing is one category that attracts many enthusiastic anglers. If you have already heard about striped bass and caught few of them, then just the mentioning of striped bass is enough to drive you crazy, and such is the attraction power of striped bass.Fishing is one sport that keeps attracting people of all ages from all walks of life and it will be difficult for you to turn down any of the opportunities that is coming your way.

Today bass fishing is not carried out for food, but for fun and to exhibit the catch in any tournament. When it comes to bass fishing, striped bass fishing is one of the favorites for many and you can also get yourself involved in this enchanting experience.

The success of bass fishing lies in your ability to identify the presence of bass in any location and you should also be aware of the various techniques that can lure the bass out of its hiding. A good collection of techniques with which you can catch striped bass are given below for your use.

In California, the striped bass was first identified in the year 1879 and believed to have been introduced from the East Coast. Striped bass are also popularly called as “Stripers” and a yet another name is the “Rockfish” for the reason that these stripers are normally found in rocky regions of water bodies.

Striped bass normally move in groups and the moment you catch one, you can be sure that there will be more in the vicinity. Some times you may falsely identify the striped bass for the great whites, but they are not as dangerous as great whites. As striped bass prefer small fishes more, you can register this information in your mind and note to use your lures accordingly.

In few areas where sharks and tuna with fins are found, they feast on these striped bass and hence these striped bass has developed the habit of not settling in one place continuously for any given period and they keep migrating from place to place on a regular basis. Within the school of striped bass, it is a common feature to see adults moving out into ocean during summer and early fall season and they get back to their original habitat during the late fall and winter seasons.

As said earlier, due to the migratory nature of these striped bass, as a beginner to bass fishing you should get your knowledge fine-tuned to know where to find the striped bass and then move to those places and cast your tackles.

It is always better to use artificial baits in your striped bass fishing initially and you can get to know their characteristics and behaviour. Once you understand the striped bass relatively better, you can start using spinner baits that may lure the striped bass better.

Striped bass normally attain a body weight of up to 50 pounds and hence the striped bass being a heavy weight, you should get your instincts sharpened to look for the striped bass and use appropriate tools and techniques to catch them.

As a first step learn to read the maps correctly and try to locate your striped bass location and by this way you save lot of time. You must also learn to differentiate the striped bass from its other counterparts such as small mouth and large mouth bass so as to look for your striped bass requirement easily.

Besides the characteristics of these fishes, you should also know more about the weather conditions that affect or favor striped bass and one useful tip here is that striped bass can be found more in colder places. The next possible factor that influences striped bass is the depth of the water and you should learn to identify or locate them at various depths.

Learn to outsmart striped bass by understanding them better and you are sure to catch them in good numbers and derive fulfilling experiences.

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