Will the Thousand Islands Suffice Your Bass Fishing Needs? Read on to Decide

Bass fishing being the most popular sports activity, it may not be surprising for you see many people in United States engaged in the sports enthusiastically. And bass fishing is one of the favorite topics, be it a book topic or the topic for discussion in a forum.When it comes to right spot for bass fishing, the Great Lake is most sought after destination for a majority of bass enthusiasts and the possible reason could be the cool waters of the lake that attracts the bass very much.

Though the Great Lake is a favorite destination, the crowd that head for bass fishing every year keep increasing steadily and this necessitated people to look for alternate destination for bass fishing and the bass enthusiasts found the Thousand islands to be another wonderful spot for bass fishing. There are thousands of reasons for trying bass fishing in Thousand Islands and let us discuss few of the favourable points here.

You can locate the Thousand Islands in St. Lawrence River situated in Central North America. Thousand Islands is well known for its small mouth bass population and the 1700 odd islands together comprise the Thousand Islands and most of these islands are privately owned. Right from the middle of 17th century the Thousand Islands continued to be the popular summer destination for many tourists and many tourists visited the Islands mainly for bass fishing only.

Amongst all the places, Ontario is one that boasts many lakes and rivers in its province and many of such rivers such as Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and Lake Superior are really great rivers that are popular for bass fishing. Besides the popularity for bass fishing, Ontario also shares its popularity for the Niagara Falls, the undisputed scenic beauty of North America.

Once you are in this place, you can find the never-ending lake shorelines of North America beautiful and enchanting. As said earlier, most of the Islands in the Thousand Islands group are privately owned and the owners have acquired these Islands by spending millions of dollars for the sheer scenic beauty and for the abundant population of various basses.

In Thousand Islands, you can find many establishments from which you can either buy or rent boats and other fishing gears and it has become a regular occupation for many people here. Further, the popularity of the Islands and the heavy tourist inflow saw many restaurants sprung up to meet to the various needs of the visiting tourists.

The kind of fishing activity you can see at this place is of two kinds namely commercial fishing and recreational fishing or sports fishing. Normally the population that visit and engage in sports fishing will outnumber the commercial fishing population.

However, in recent times, many factors have had their influences unleashed on the amount of bass catch and today the number of big catches have come down sizably. The factors that influenced reduction in bass catch are like pollution, habitat disturbance and fishery problems and the extent of commercial catch drastically came down in recent times.

However, the Thousand Islands is one place where you can still find large schools of bass, especially small mouth bass. In fact small mouth bass have made this place as its haven due to the presence of many rocky structures. Once you are in this place, you also have other alternate recreational activities such as sight seeing, and the place has got all the lures to fascinate each and every member of your family.

Besides bass, you can also catch other fish species such as perches and walleys and you can also participate in various bass fishing competitions that are being held regularly in the Thousand Islands. Visit the place once and you will be able to catch more bass than any other place.

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