What One Can Expect From A Carp Fishing Tackle

Carp fishing which is fresh water fishing originated from Europe but today the entire world is updating in this type of fishing. To fish carps one need to have a good carp fishing tackle. A good tackle helps the fishermen to have a good catch. But before going for carp fishing the fishermen needs to know the differenced between fresh water fishing and seawater fishing as each type needs special tackle for carp fishing.

The Main Element - The Hair Rig

Carp fishing tackle consists of the basic equipment called the hair rig. It is a very easy process as a strand of hair or a piece of string is used to hook the bait from the dangle. This is a simple method which can be done at home itself with very little expenditure but one can get this from the carp fish tackle shop also. Even a naïve fisherman can try his hand in making his own rig from home as the process is very easy although cheap rigs are easily available in the market.

This hair rig creates a natural surrounding as it creates an impression of the bait hanging independently. This is one of the advantages of this hair rig which is a natural and simple process. Fishermen tend to catch more carp with this kind of fishing tackle.

A piece of tube is put on the rod of the hook to make this type of fishing tackle. Rubber tubing or shrink tubing can be used to make this tackle. Shrink tubing is better if it is shrunk in boiled water then a direct flame. Use of hairdryer to shrink tube is also not advisable.

The type of hair rig is usually a loose thread which need to be soft like the one used by the dentists. There should be a minimum of quarter an inch distance from the hook and the bait. The distance of the string and the object should depend on the type of bait and its size you hook. Finally you can complete your carp fishing tackle by using a pop up ring.

A cork or foam can be used to keep the bait afloat. Floating bait ha its own advantages as it does not hold to the remains of the lake while you are fishing. This type of light home made carp fishing tackle helps in a free flow fishing rather than using a bait which is heavy.

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