Understanding the Role of Lures in Bass Fishing Better

Bass fishing is one of the most sought after sports and it has evolved into an enchanting pastime activity in recent years. The popularity is so high that it made way to forming many bass fishing clubs, many TV shows organized and many tournaments got conducted within a very short period of time.

Bass fishing is certainly an interesting activity and to reap success you need to know more about the bass, its habitat, and many things related to bass. There is a popular saying, which goes thus – to achieve success in bass fishing you should think and act like bass. Besides various factors that influence success in bass fishing, the lures or the baits used play a vital role and let us discuss a little more about it now.

Of all the varieties of bass, the large mouth bass is one kind that will lay its mouth literally on any thing such as worms, live bait, plus poppers, etc., and you can catch them by throwing plugs through casting rods.

Bass fishes are normally seen in water that is covered with weeds, and you can have success provided you use weed-less baits and the preferable time will be either morning or evening, as the bass prefer cooler temperatures. Your bass catch will also vary with change in temperature levels, and for instance the bass will look at your lures little less in winter months.

Bass normally frequent places where it can find rocky structures for the reason that it will have its favorite crayfish feed in these rocky areas. In order to maximize your bass catch, you should learn to do your fishing in the month of June and early fall, as this happens to be the spawning period for bass.

Whenever you go for bass fishing in the morning, try to use crayfish or dragon fly larvae as baits, as these lures allure the bass most and tempt it to get out of its hiding. You can also use artificial lures, but they are effective under situations where you need to use surface lures.

When it comes to the tackle, the light one is always preferable because you can cast such tackles even in rocky areas and be able to keep the rod tip up and the line tight. Though there is a widespread debate on the colors of the rods, there is no proven records, hence you may use any color that may please your eyes.

Besides the lures, there are other tools also that may be prove essential in your bass fishing and a little more knowledge about them can certainly come very handy.

Fishing Rod

This rod is the most important piece in your bass fishing and hence you should take care to choose the right one for you. It is a basic rod cum reel set and any decent set will do for the beginners, However, as you gain experience and become adept at bass fishing, you can buy sophisticated rod sets for making your bass fishing experience still more exciting and enchanting.

The next important thing is that you should learn as how to use the rod correctly and comfortably. Once you learn the basic tactics, you can start off your bass fishing journey with confidence. As the type of rod varies with your fishing requirements, it is better you get to know the various rod types and buy the correct rod for your use.


This is in fact a kind of waterproof dress that you will wear during your bass fishing activity. This is normally worn over your pants so as keep your legs dry and help you to waddle through the water if the depth is low.

Fishing Vest

Again, it is a kind of dress equipped with several pockets for you to store the various tools and baits and you will be free to use your hands without the unnecessary botheration of holding the tools.

Tackle Box or Fly Box

Bass fishing constitutes a lot of supplies and the tackle box is one where you can store or keep your entire collections such as rod, baits, etc., safely and conveniently.

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