Read Fly Fishing Tackle Reviews Before Every Purchase

Are you planning to buy a fly fishing tackle and are confused which one to choose then the best thing you can do is to browse through various websites and reviews of fly fishing tackle and understand the market trend. You will also get tips and reviews for used equipment. Tackle Tour, Outdoor Review and Big Fish Tackle are some of the best sites available for fly fishing tackle reviews. Although Big Fish Tackle has more reviews related to sea fishing tackle, they also publish a few fly fishing tackle reviews for their subscribers.

Fly Rods And Fly Fishing Tackle Reviews

Tackle Tour takes the Powell Tiboron XL fly rod from the Eastern Sierra collection as an example and has written reviews about it. In the review the reviewer compares this fly rod with the pricier G Loomis GL3 fly rod and states that even though it does not give a confident handling, it does give a delicate control when compared to GL3. The reviewer is also astounded at the surprisingly excellent in performance and value and gives more for what you pay for such low-cost rod.

You may notice that Outdoor Review gives preference to user reviews. Though many new products were so far not reviewed, the website is quite helpful because it has classified fishing products according to their number of reviews each of them have received form their users. Sage DS 5 weight was the most sought after review with 55 reviews from its users and with an average score of 4.65 out of 5. And one of the reviews said “Buy this rod”!

G Loomis GLX 10 weight rod is one of the most reviewed saltwater rods with 9 reviews and 4.89 rating out of 5. According to the user reviews the advantage of this model was that it weighed light and was long enough for fishing in the sea but were disappointed as it is too flimsiness.

However, Thomas and Thomas Horizon 9 weight rod was the most reviewed of all two-handed rods with 7 reviews written and gets a 4.67 marking out of 5. Notwithstanding with the average rating of the GLX, the users have given rave reviews about it for its sturdiness and quick action.

Fly Reels And Fly Fishing Tackle Reviews

As far as reviews on fly reels at Outdoor Review is concerned, the Orvis Battenkill tops the review listing with 64 user reviews and has been rated 4.17 out of 5. Even though the users felt that this model is not very durable, they are happy that they got a fishing material worth the money they spent on it.

As with Big Fish Tackle, they have only 1 reel review about the Shimano Curado. According to the user the reel gave an effortless feel and is worth the money spent on it.

Fishing Line And Fly Fishing Tackle Reviews

While we go back to the Tackle Tour, it had provided an all-inclusive review article to examine all the new fishing lines of this season and the findings were make public at the ICAST 2008 fishing expo. Modern and sophisticated fishing products of various companies like Berkeley Fireline Tracer Braid, the Stren Sonic Braid and Spiderwire were reviewed. They closed their survey results by stating that “the Berkeley Fireline and Spiderwire Camo braids were very exciting and definitely something we will have on our list of products to test for 2009".

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