Tips To Buy Used Fly Fishing Tackle

If you are a fishing aficionado and wish to own a fishing tackle but if budget is your constrain don’t worry, you still can own a good one if you opt for a used fly fishing tackle. Here are a few tips on where and what to look for if you are determined to buy used fly fishing tackle for your next fishing expedition.

Stores That Offer Used Fly Fishing Tackle

As a first move you can look into the Fishermen's Supplies section of your local yellow pages. Nowadays many stores deal with new as well as used fly fishing tackle. Shakespeare Fishing Tackle is one of the leading fishing tackle in North America and has a huge network of dealers and retailers all around the country. For more details you can go to their website and look for information like where to buy. You will be given a list of dealers in your locality along with a few names of used classic fishing tackle that many prove useful for collectors.

Well, you can even shop at online stores for used fly fishing tackle where they offer antique bamboo rods to the most modern models. eBay has a good collection of used fly fishing tackles and so do sites like Google Shopping and Craigslist. Wagner Rods of Parma Heights, Ohio, Platte River Fly Shop of Casper, Wyoming and Upcountry Sportfishing of New Hartford, Connecticut are some of the biggest retailers who have specialized in dealing with used fly fishing tackle. The Platte River Fly Shop of Casper has a forum for their users in their website so that their users can purchase, advertise and even exchange their used fly fishing tackle!

What Makes A Used Fly Fishing Tackle Good To Buy

If you are planning to buy a used fly fishing tackle then there are few things you will have to take into account. Make sure that all the movable parts are actually moving, just to check if the parts are not corroded or stuck. This way you can also check for missing pieces and flaw if any. Remember, never compromise on the quality only because you are getting a product for an exceptionally low price. Do not fall into the “low price” traps because no fisher has the time or money to replace the parts as soon as they are bought. Finally look for a reel that is light enough to cast the bait smoothly but strong enough to hold the biggest fishes when you go fishing.

Another point you will have to look into is that the rod and reel are of the same size and make, especially if you have bought them separately. Here is how a standard reel is weighted and only this decides the weight of the fish it can hold for you:

1-3 : Small trout and small fish of the like
4 : Small to medium-sized trout and similarl sized fish
5-6 : Medium-sized trout, small bass and fish of the same size
7-8 : Large trout and bass
9 : Steelhead, salmon and saltwater fishes

This way you make sure you use the right line to catch a particular kind of fish when you go fishing the next time.

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