Go Fishing With A Striped Bass Fishing Tackle

You simply wish for a kind of striped bass fishing tackle for your kind of bass fishing and there it is! Every fisher has their own favorites and method of bass fishing and chooses a few tools and baits of their choice while using striped bass fishing tackle. However, there are many ways to use a striped bass fishing tackle while fishing and that's why you need to personally do some research before grabbing a striped bass fishing tackle.

The best way is to find out about this type of fishing tackle is to read reviews on bass fishing tackle and learn about the best sort of striped bass fishing tackle available in the market and that too for a good price.

Various Spinning Rods For Fishing

Different fishers use different style of fishing and so the fishing requirements differ from person to person and so is the case with the type of striped bass fishing tackle. As an example, when a fisher chooses to fish for bass using a live bait then he/she will require a special kind of rod and a bigger line to successfully catch fishes. You will have to choose a casting or a boat type rod which will depend on your fishing style and make sure that the action rod is 6 - 8 feet long. Since the rod is heavy you should select a revolving spool or a spinning spool as a reel as it should be able to support a heavy fishing line that may vary from 14 - 30 pounds. If you are wondering why use a heavier line when light weight ones are available then you should know that many fishermen use eels and herring as live baits and thus such fishers will need a strong rod to hold such heavy baits.

Fishermen who choose the bass style of fishing opt for ultra-light spinning where they should also select various other types of tools to support the striped bass fishing tackle. These fishermen prefer a strong but light rod which is built of graphite and is only five feet long rather than opting for a big and heavy rod.

At the same time make sure the reel is strong enough on a big fishing spool so as to bear at least an 8 pound “fireline”. The lures that are made use in a striped bass fishing tackle vary from silver or bluish silver swimmers plugs to white hair and curly tail jigs and even spoons.

Fishermen who don’t favor ultra-light spinning go for light spinning. While using this type of light spinning one should use only specified forms of striped bass fishing tackle. However, there are a few constrains while using this spinning type when it comes to using lures and baits.

A fisher generally uses greenish silver plugs and jigs other than the usual colors. One can even use white and yellow poppers in a light spinning mode of fishing. When compared with the other spinning rods, a light spinning striped bass fishing tackle is long and about 7 – 8.5 feet. Light spinning rods are generally made of an average weighing or slightly heavy graphite rather than the lighter one.

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