Why You Need to Visit Puerto Vallarta of Mexico for the Best Bass Fishing Experience

Puerto Vallarta of Mexico is one of the finest vacation destinations in the eastern part of the globe and what you can see there are nothing but finest beaches and enchanting scenery that will make you to forget the world.The weather in Puerto Vallarta is very friendly and as you can walk on the streets laid with cobblestone you can also enjoy the colonial architecture and get greeted with a friendly smile of Mexicans.

There are many latest resort facilities available in Puerto Vallarta and you can find them unique, with ethnic culture and a nice place to stay.
Mexico is the place that has got waterfalls, mountain ranges, jungles and forests, rivers and a very wide geographical diversity so as to please the appetite of every individual. The greatest advantage about Mexico and its cities is that they are not crowded at all and the popular Bandera’s Bay is known for its fishing sports.

This bay will see many experienced anglers from all over the world every year and the competition will get hot on the lines of catching bigger bass every time. You have a 2-mile depth and a 40-mile wide bay before you for carrying out the bass fishing and besides the bass you can also find other species such as tuna, rooster tails, red snapper, and marlin in this bay.

There is a yet another Bass fishing lake in the area and it is none other than the Agua Milpa, which was opened to public during the fall season of 1997. A well-paved road will take you to this lake with 70000 acre spread within 3 hours of journey from Guadalajara or Puerto Vallarta. In this lake, up to 1977, there was a restriction on fishing large mouth bass, but today it is not so and you can find the temperature here very amenable and very cooperative for your bass fishing.

Mexico boasts its finest varieties of boats and motors and once you use them you will find that Mexico has got reasons to feel elated about their boats. You can find people here from all over the world trying their hands at bass fishing with tall aspirations of catching the biggest ever bass and many of them will be even holding fishing licenses.

With regard to the tournaments, the Bass Club located at the lake Agua Milpa is the sole organizer and you can find the tournament well organized and conducted perfectly. Today bass are not caught for food, but are caught and let free in the same waters after taking the count. Hence you need to know more about the rules prevalent in the area.

The exotic beaches of Puerto Vallarta will sure be a feast to your eyes and soul and if you have not visited the place, it is high time you made a visit and you will certainly feel happy that you did.

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