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Angling or the commonly referred fishing is in fact a sport and the word originated from the old english word angel, meaning “fish hook”. Fishing, unlike the Phishing, is a great sport for leisure and relaxation and what you have in this are only gains.

Of all the fishing, the Bass fishing is one that allures many people and it is one of the major pastime activities in many countries including America and Canada. In Canada alone you can see many numbers of bass fishing tournaments spread through all seasons of the year and you can catch varieties of bass such as spotted black bass, large mouth bass, small mouth bass and striped bass.

Today bass fishing sport is a multi-million dollar industry and the industry has seen introduction of many sophisticated boats, fishing equipment, many novel ideas for fishing and huge amount of prize money.

In Canada you can find the world’s most beautiful and enchanting fishing grounds and normally the March to July months are the favorite season for bass fishing. In Canada, many anglers prefer Vancouver’s Island, as they can catch many other fish species such as Ucelet, Halibuit, King Salmon and Feeder Chinooks, besides bass.

Tourism in Canada, especially matters related to bass fishing, is gaining firm ground and hence many anglers have made Canada as their favorite destination for their bass fishing needs. The lakes in Canada are literally maintained meticulously and the pristine water is really a feast to your eyes. For example the Northwestern Ontario is a popular place where you can do bass fishing and enjoy the pristine beauty and the wilderness of nature much to your heart’s content. And it is for sure that your experience in the place will be a lifetime one and worth to be cherished forever.

In Canada’s Northwest Ontario you can find many world famous fishing resorts and they are haven for bass fishing and for other species such as lake trout, muskie, walleye, etc. Out of the various varieties of bass, the smaller ones are known as the little fighters and they are capable of throwing utmost challenges even to the seasoned anglers.

In the whole of United States, there are many bass varieties and normally the bass can reach a body length of 14 inches and may weigh around half a pound on an average. Of all the varieties, you can find the black crappie originating from the Great Lakes and upper Mississippi valley and all other general bass are abundantly found in West of Allegheny Mountains, South to Louisiana, North Manitoba, and in Canada also.

In Canada, you can see many lakes and you also have many popular bass fishing teams that can assist in your bass fishing endeavor. Out of various locations, the Sunset Country is one of the Canada’s oldest and first ever bass fishing locations and you can find literally countless numbers of small bass here.

If you are serious about bass fishing, then Canada can offer its nearly 70000 lakes to you for exploring the secrets of bass fishing. Pay a visit to Canada, and enjoy the once in a lifetime experience.

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