The luring techniques you should know

Various materials go into the making of plugs and they are designed specifically to float, dive below the surface or sink when reeling them back or in. Plugs that are fitted with propellers or plastic skirts simulate a surface disturbance due to its fluttering movement and result in luring the fish.

Artificial lures can be utilized independently or in combination with live or natural baits. You can decide on the size and type of lure depending on your choice of location, the species, and style of fishing (for example trolling, spinning, fly-fishing).

The main suggestion that you can bear in your mind is that in Bass fishing luring the predator out from the bottom requires skill, practice and patience. You may have to tickle the surface a bit if the chosen spot is slopy pitch or matted weed-bed. In shallow waters, you can cast the lures out fast and retrieve slowly, shaking a little as you retrieve to trigger a response. Your success lies in your ability to provide the tease, promise and the signs of movement in the water that the fish always look for.

If you can carry a pair of Polaroid sunglasses, the same will come very handy as you keep on moving the bait around and play with the presentation ? it is an art, and skill that can be acquired and even gets better over time.

At the time of your casting the bait out, ensure not to startle the fish, as the Bass are very sensitive to sound/noise, movement and vibrations. Plastic worms work well (around 10?). Being adaptable, switching baits, different color etc., using a strong Texas rig and hooking the bait at the bottom of the hook, sliding it onto the shank, and popping it through, with half an ounce weight ? all these can work wonders.

Setting up and securing a second rod and taking it along with your friend will come very handy in case of need. As the Bass are always on the move, and when they are ready to hit, you will also be ready to cast your rod without loss of any time. Braided line is stronger than single or mono line and serves well in weedy areas. Braided lines can minimize entanglement and optimize your chances of retrieval through thick weeds and cover.

The Bass is known for its fighting tendency and hence, usage of stiff rods can withstand scuffle. It is better to protect your investments by way of protecting the tools such as protecting the rod with rod wraps and this will also increase the efficiency of the rod in the long run.

You can deceive the Bass by a small shaking and popping along bait/lures, thereby creating an illusion and making the Bass to think that the prey is moving away. And the Bass will strike without any loss of time. Besides the right equipment, bait, hooks and location, some basic angling techniques are also required for a successful catch. The basic techniques include - setting up your rod and reel, knowing the basics about tying knots for joining line to tackle, forming loops and more.

The knot that you make should be secure and never be a weak one. The weak knot may not withstand the scuffle put up by the Bass and you will eventually lose the catch. The best way to get a secure knot is to wet it with water before tightening the knot and trim all edges and loose ends, to avoid any possible snag or drag.

If you use Gulp-sinking minnows, you can cast out quickly and to greater distance letting it to fall and dangle, quiver down, with lots of slack, much to the liking of the fish. There are also other options such as scented gulp-tubes and tube-jigs.

You can trick the fish by using soft, natural chewy substance baits, thereby tempting the fish to hold on to the bait for a second and subsequent chew ? thus increasing your chance of landing it securely. One of the all-time favourites is top-water bait with rattles, with slack in the line, walking-the-dog (flipping) makes for an alluring presentation for the fish.

Using a spinner-bait with some red colour in it can simulate blood or wounded prey to our underwater Bass friend, triggering yet again their natural feeding instincts and increasing your chance of getting a bite, hit or strike.

Whether you are using a jet-boat or flat-bottom bass boat, whether you are at shore, rocks, beach, cliff, river, stream, lake, reservoir, or other area of water, whether you have strong rods, hot hands, good tackle, appropriate preparation, the right bait and presentation, whether you have the ability for accurate casting, knowledge where the fish might be/move/feed naturally, fishing for structure and pattern, keeping an eye on surroundings and conditions - can all make those fleeting moments of anticipation and exhilaration at first successful strike !

You will be lured to come back again and again due to the spirit of the fights, flights, flips, turns and jumps, attacks and hard hits, and other novel experience such as struggles, reeling in, retrieval and landing of bass!

Bass fishing is an art and an enjoyable activity. And let us now try to have a first hand information on other considerations involving plan of attack, angling techniques, mistakes and special circumstances, secrets that can teach how to play Bass fishing sport.

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