Using Lures and Spinning tackles

Usage of artificial lures or baits and spinning tackles are becoming very popular in the fishing arena worldwide. In Bass fishing, the easiest and time tested approach for a quite big haul of fish is to have a rotation, having colour and movement, keeping the bait in resemblance as close as to the natural prey/diet of the Bass ? this time tested approach will work wonders even for novices or beginners and for skilled anglers alike and can result in better catch.

The action and mobility of the bait or lure is affected by the thickness and shape of the spinning ?blade?, as the same determine the response and action in water at various levels. In deep water Bass fishing, floating lures are much used for its proven effectiveness. For getting your bait at the eye level of the Bass, you have to ensure that there is no snagging at the bottom and you have to set it right, if any, by using appropriate and suitable weights.

Spoons are broadly classified into two categories namely trolling and casting spoons. Besides commonly used non-weedless spoons, for preventing snagging weed-less lures are used that come with weed guards made up of nylon or metal.

To decide on which one to use, you may have to apply your knowledge level here taking the shape, weight and speed into consideration. The best way to decide on your tools is to have a perfect hands-on experience before heading for the tackle shop.

An and when you undertake your Bass journey, you may start recording the techniques and other details in a log book for arriving at a more meaningful, appropriate and optimum retrieval and success rates. Many bass anglers suggest and go for surface lures and plugs because of their usefulness at all fishing levels and at all speed levels.

You can bestow your best attention in matching the conditions (water clarity, etc.) faced by you with that of the lures used by you, be it the lure for small mouthed bass, or large mouthed bass, or striped, or spotted, or specific coloured bass, etc. For fishing in shallow waters, shallow crank-bait and surface water baits have been proved effective and successful.

Out of the variety of baits available, baits such as driving crank-baits, crawler type surface water baits, stick-baits and jerking, minnow plugs (may be even real one!), surface disturbers, prop-baits, and even a floating bait can prove very useful and successful.

The real success lies in what some call the ?one-two punch? ? that is teasing and luring with a top-water teaser (surface disturber) and then following it up with a plastic worm probably with a second rod. This can optimise your strike and having luck falling on your side.

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