Effect of Season in Bass fishing

* Change of Time, Seasons and Things

Weather, climate, environment, seasons, and even the rules of angling keep changing. The anglers, their situations do not stay same and keep changing daily or even during the part of the day. This dynamic situation (the spice of life most say) is what determine and make us adapting, guessing, changing strategy, bait, depth etc., - with a big hope of catching the biggest Bass.

Opinions are wide and varying when it comes to telling the best time for catching Bass. In certain areas, rules permit fishing only after spawning. You may be successful in getting the Bass during all the SpSAW (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter) cycle, even though fall season has been earmarked for getting bigger Bass. Here, your success depends on where you are, what the weather conditions are like and what type of year the bass are having (spawning success, health of the body of water they live and thrive in, the eco-system, stocking, pollution etc.). Even successful ice fishing is possible and the same is dealt in detail at the latter part of this book.

As repeatedly stressed earlier, your efforts should be different depending upon the changing weather, season, behaviour and you should be in a position to use the appropriate techniques, varied type of lures/baits and equipment. As an angler, that too as an ardent bass angler, you should not get fazed in any way! On the contrary, you can consider the situation as an opportunity to shift gears, change strategy, tools, refine skills, learn more about your opponent and its habits and come out successful.

By being attentive, aware and alert, you will learn a lot about the fish ? it is an active sport now! Low or high air pressure, choppy waves or placid waters, different water temperatures, static or turbulent surface water, overcast skies, sunny day ? combined with your varied strategies, equipment meant for the situation, thrilling anticipation for the fish to take a bite - the bass fishing can never be monotonous one and is sure to enthrall you!

As an alert Bass master, you should be in a position to modify your fishing techniques, better adaptability to the changing weather conditions, able to modify your strategies and capable of adjusting bait/lures.

Bass are known for its sensitiveness towards very bright sunlight, which makes you to look for them under some shady cover and or cooler waters. Such knowledge will make you adept in your bass angling endeavour and increasing your Bass count.

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