How water conditions affect Bass fishing?

Water conditions: Clarity

Bass can be found both clear as well as murky waters. Depending upon their existence, either in murky water or clear water, they decide on their energy expending strategy (for hunting food and survival) for optimal level. Predators, by nature, prefer to be in deeper water under some structures or covers and come out to shallow levels only during their reproductive cycles.

Bass always keep and maintain a ?back-door? access to deeper waters. Normally male Bass take the responsibility of protecting the nest or the spawn site and put a fight to defend the site from any intrusions or threat. You can make use of such information in deciding your strategy where to look for the school of Bass.

Fishing is no more a game of random choices. Reflective trail, contemplation. Trial and error, random choice ? all have been replaced with strategies drawn out of more knowledge gained. Today?s angling is a focussed, thought provoking, rationalized, highly analytical and competitive sport where in technology and high precision devices are applied.

A thorough understanding (such as habitat, pattern, environment, feeding, movement, habits, preferences, etc) about the fish is gained before hand with the help of technology and devices ? thereby judging the presence of the target fish, and catching, almost with 100 percent success. One of the best-known thumb rules is when the water is clear and placid, you can look for better catch in deeper waters.

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