Effects of Disturbances and the time of the day

* Vibrations/Noise/Disturbances

There cannot be any ?Quiet Please!? sign that can be posted in the middle of water to warn you. You should remember to keep a quiet atmosphere and ambience so as not to scare away the Bass.

The bass puts to use its whole of body as sounding board to read and evaluate its surroundings. Bass has got the capacity to register or pick up even the least surface disturbance, movement or displacement of water and this can either help you or disappoint you depending upon how you use the Bass? ability.

The sound of noisy motors, squeaking rusty oars, sound of a car or even the sound of your effort for casting far can drive the Bass away. It is suggested that you should meet or confront the fish in its own domain (environment, water, plants, etc), without disturbing them and get your catch.

A good pair of Polaroid sunglasses will come very handy for you to see better in the bright sunlight, blinding glare and, confusing reflections off the surface of the water(s).

* Time of day, Sunlight and Colour

Seasoned Bass anglers suggest dawn and dusk time for Bass fishing as the same happens to be the best feeding time for Bass. Though the visibility may be at its best, the noon time or the time of the day when the sun will be the brightest, the same is not recommended as bass shirk their feeding and go deep for cooler atmosphere and for cover.

Bass are known for its keen observing tendencies regarding the colour and movement of its prey. They always look for bright coloured live prey and that too which are moving briskly. By knowing this, if you can create such simulations at the time of casting your bait, than you will maximize your chances of catching more bass.

However, you should not conclude that bass angling would fail during nighttime or other time of the day other than dawn and dusk. Bass does feed during other time also, and you should be in a position to plan your strategy and techniques for successfully luring the Bass out.

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