Know the comfort zone of Bass

Like human being, who are addicted to comfort, Bass is also having a preference to comfort zone.Bearing this point in your mind can certainly help in your becoming a successful Bass angler. We have a liking towards our cravings and want them on time, every time and want to play our lives very safe within a comfortable zone of good food, good shelter and well being of everything!

Does this sound a lot different from our own needs and requirements? Not really! Well, that is one way of leveling the playing field.

Bass is in no way different from man in seeking the comforts and other basic necessities - and understanding this by you in clear terms can be of much use in your becoming an angler. Learn the stimulus, routine, pattern, and habitat to ace up your sleeves. Learn and develop skills, to ?read? the situation (quickly at a glance, observe and make a judgment), know instinctively what will come or happen next and why ? figure out the pattern, and execute your strategy for a successful angling process.

Encounter the Bass at its own domain, in what they do, accomplish to their needs and you will be pleasantly surprised at what meets you in the waters below! The criticality to success is directly proportional to your familiarity with the Bass? favorite places (to hang around), such as bottoms, banks and shorelines, logs, contours, weeds and plants, creeks, shallow or deeper passages, bluffs, coves, channels, trees, stumps, structures, travel-routes, bluffs, ? all can be repetitive, but still valid clues on habitual, predictable behavior of the bass.

Most of the people gain ?expert knowledge? through reading, studying habits of their catch - in a very similar fashion what you are undertaking or doing now. Every page make you to understand your fishy friends little more than what you know, and lead to a status where in you know instinctively where they will be and where their favorite spots are.

Now you will know about Bass thoroughly and know how to go about and where to go for finding the Bass. Your predictions are not hunch or random chance any more! It will be your planned assault on the elusive water predator and you can hunt the hunter of the highest degree!

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