Styles in Bass Fishing - Skipping and Ripping


You might have tried your hand at throwing stones, probably flat stones, onto the surface of the water in a pond to achieve and see the skipping movement of the stone thrown over the surface of the water. Your would have never crossed your childhood without even trying this! Skipping is very similar to this technique and it creates a disturbance over the water surface, duly triggering and alluring the Bass to look for its prey.

The best suited equipment for skipping is the spinning rod and reel combo. The same combination will also work out perfect when the Bass does a disappearing act under piers, docks and pontoons. They are also useful in reaching areas under any vegetation as well as into the vegetation, in your pursuit for Bass.

Are you able to recall the bass? behaviour of seeking a ?comfort? zone during sunny days? The spinning rod will also help you to reach out to bass in their shady areas and other under cover structures.


Ripping technique is employing throwing, twitching and jerking movements. It involves using a medium-action rod with parabolic bend in it. This is capable of simulating a situation of a ?wounded? prey swimming around. Like an adept angler, you let the worm drop and settle to the bottom, and allow the worm to remain there for some time.

Remove a little slack from the line by reeling. Pick up the worm with a sharp jerk from the tip of your rod. Let your bait come up little, drop and let it go down to the bottom again. At the time dropping the lure again, keep the tension on the line as you lower the tip of the rod ? keep on imitating live prey like this - moving, swimming and bobbing about and your predator will strike it with a vengeance.

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