Know the water well before fishing

In Bass angling, many of the points that are stressed or enumerated in this book either escape your attention or deliberately ignored by you. Let us see few of such highly ignored and noteworthy points:

Water depths and levels, be it deep or shallow or both ? Bass are found at all levels and knowing where and at which level they exist will be the deciding factor.

In the periodic seasonal cycle of every year, the water temperature changes as water turn, move and get re-oxygenated. As temperatures start falling from deep down, ice will start forming and float to the surface, where it starts melting only to move down again. Science has proved us with sufficient evidence that any water body (say a lake, for example) is formed of three distinct layers ? Surface layer, Middle layer and Deep Layer. The top or the surface layer will always be warmer, middle layer will be mildly cold and the deeper layer being colder in temperature.

Before heading for any angling journey, you must know about the existence of such levels and varying temperatures in any water body. As you are exposed to the behaviour of the Bass, you can even think on the lines of the Bass itself, where by you will know for certain where you will be heading or like to hover around as a fish ? and that thinking process can tell you where the Bass will be!

As an angler, you can use devices, which can measure temperature and the depth of water for you. Such information or knowledge can effectively be used in your assessing the environment, understanding and learning from it, and preparing you for a rich angling experience. You can also make use of such information on the depth of water in judging the presence of Bass as Bass always prefer to be at depth for most of the time.

Your knowledge on the above aspects will determine your success in executing your angling skills and help you in catching loads of Bass. When you understand why the fish are at certain level, when and why they move and how they feed ? then such knowledge can bring forth successful angling and may even lead you to snatching a coveted trophy!

Bass always prefer certain comfortable level of temperature and always seek to remain at a depth where the temperature is conducive. So, you can assess the situation (based on the prevailing temperature of the day) and come to a conclusion where the bass will be available for the given level of weather conditions. For this, you can make use of instruments which can measure the temperature and the depth and apply the same in your decision making process.

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