Know to play and land fish

Your knowledge about the fish on your hook, line and rod are the deciding factors in your successful angling. Bass fishing is more than just getting the fish into the eager hands/net/boat. Bass angling is not just following the steps suggested.

Your capabilities such as responsiveness, maneuvering, mastery, well balances control, your knowledge about your tackle, reel-clutching, fighting curves and arching/bending rods and the various controls and settings, techniques (including important aspects like casting, hooking, playing, reeling in, retrieving and landing) ? all play a vital role in your successful angling journey.

If you want to experience the exhilarating aspects of successful bass-fishing, then you should be in a position to know and appreciate the process involved such as techniques applied, tactics used, angler, equipment, the catch and haul ? the list will go endlessly. For example, when you use a spinning reel/bait-casting, you should know the three basic key techniques such as reel control (with anti-reverse on), back winding (with anti-reverse off) and thumb-pressure control for successful catch.

The interesting part lies in getting the fish that is on its run after its hitting the bait ? applying pressure, or holding the rod up slightly to increase the required drag ? using any of the techniques will be fun. Further, it will be a wonderful experience for to watch the tension for avoiding any line breaks, allowing the fish to get tired initially and other aspects in a continuous manner. It is a one straight and continuous thing for you commencing from your preparing to cast, teasing, tempting, hooking and eventually reeling in the catch.

The process however does not stop with your first catch of Bass. There are lot of certain other basic methods of landing fish that have to be mastered such as lipping (keep a watch on the teethed species here), tailing (it is not suited for all species), beaching (not suitable for catch and release), netting or even gaffing (banned in most areas, due to the risk of the stroke injuring the fish). Remaining in control all through the process, alertness, not getting upset or avoiding startling the fish are certain fundamental tips that can go a long way in your endevour for successful angling. You may allow the fish to get tired first, then submerging the net slowly and get it without any haste.

When lipping, you may have to grip the lower lip gently between your thumb and forefingers, unhook carefully. Take care not to hurt the fish and you can unhook by holding the fish in water and freeing it gently and efficiently, adhering as far as possible, to the current and accepted, catch-and-release practices.

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