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Getting proficiency in basic casting is the key. Today?s spinning and bait-casting reel and rod combinations are made to be hassle-free, and can be used with ease and with greater flexibility. They were also designed to eliminate the errors that pop up due to use by amateurs.

Accuracy and skill are the foremost points to be observed rather than the strength, which is only secondary in nature. The idea is not how far you cast, but how fast you do it (though there may be a few situations where in you may need to cast far also). In a nut shell, a successful catch lies in your casting, getting your line/hook/bait, sinkers, weights and leaders in and into the water, exactly at the right depth, imitating ?prey?, and doing so with extreme, pin-point accuracy.

You can muster the very basic skill of hitting your target with confidence and try to master and refine this skill. Placing the hook exactly where you wanted demand your dedicated practice and you should work towards getting the skill with perseverance. Besides getting the casting part correct, you should also be able to put the bait or lure at the right depth.

Experienced anglers use a technique known as counting method. It is one of the simplest methods to apply, wherein you will start counting numbers in ascending way duly estimating the seconds it will take for it to ?drop? into the water.

This will help you to assess what you are doing and know better in the process. In the process, you also learn whether you have cast correctly, whether the line is free from any tangles, etc. You get certain guiding points for yourself, which can be applied in your future angling process. Practice plugs in the park, or your own backyard (never bother if it is a land devoid of any water) to make it more effective and accurate, in and on the water, no matter what the body of water, or style of fishing you choose to pursue.

There is something in reserve for everyone ? be it spinning or bait casting or fly-rodding. Failure is a great teacher and you can learn from your missed targets, attempts and failures, eventually leading to your mastering the techniques. For example, casting float or leger rig, bait casting or casting a lure with a spinning reel - all are very similar in nature. Lure fishing, spinning, floating, spoons, plugs, surface or top-water lures, crank bait, trolling etc., are all basic techniques that require exposure, quick demos and hands-on practice.

Seeing a video or DVD, or viewing a detailed online explanation, watching a fishing show or two and getting expert advises from other seasoned anglers and professionals will help in designing your own style and starting the angling with a bang! The beauty of bass fishing is that it offers something for everyone, no matter what your prior experience with fishing might be!

As a starter, you can concentrate on your grip, spinning reels, bait-casters and or closed-face spin casters techniques and mastery, picking a target, aiming to land your lure (terminal tackle) in the middle of that target to start with. As a general rule of thumb, as you cast, getting an arch in the air as a travel path en route to the water, is a good idea, which can be made as a reference point as well as goal. This can be made as a mandatory one till you improve your casting technique and accuracy.

You should strive for getting line-control for avoiding over shooting and to get a gentler landing. A slow flight with your tip of index finger touching the lip of the spool, can result in a good casting ? this is also popularly know as ?feathering? by many of the anglers.

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