Persistent Practice is what counts at the end

In fishing, there are no real or assured guarantees. It is an agreement that you make with the nature. The real wisdom lies in your exploring and getting to the point where you really know the feel, function and the embedded strengths and weaknesses of your equipment.

Experienced anglers get their coveted position only through their trial and error, persistent practice over a long period of time and it is not a over night success. The real and full potential of the equipment will be known to you only when you invest your time and practice.

Your own mastery and refinement in skill will enhance the sophistication of your equipment further. Your chosen method of fishing (from boat or shore, shallow or deep, or both) will dictate the most appropriate choice for tackle (reel and rod, line ? thickness and weight), line, hooks, baits and lures, weights, sinkers, leaders and more.

There are rods, reels, lines, hooks, leaders, links, bait and landing tackle for every one of you ? be it you are an admirer of shores and enjoy salt-water fishing, or enjoy boats, or even love big-game fishing. Even if you are a fresh water fanatic preferring lure, bait, pole and or fly fishing ? then also there are varieties of tools available to suit your preferences.

Though it may be comparatively easy to master the basic angling techniques, conquering and refining all the nuances, subtleties, intricacies will demand more of your energy and dedicated practice, probably for the whole of your life.

Bass fishing is a lifetime experience because of the secrets involved (discovered or yet to be unearthed), and continue to be a unique sport. Practice and enjoy bass fishing, according to your own niche and style, preference and location of choice ? to sum up in a single word ? ?Your Specialty?!

Bass fishing is a very personalized and individualized pursuit and passion. It is one of the growing sports that offers a wide variety of enjoyment due to the presence of different kinds of fish, locations, baits and lures etc., and always keep every moment new. It is also one of the most contagious sports and once you get a feel of it, you will be hooked for your life. And of course, without any complaining.

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