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During the early years of the 18th century, people used only multiplying reels, which slowly got transformed into bait casters at a later date. In 1951 William J Jamison introduced ornamented Shannon twin spinner and this got metamorphosed into the today’s spinner baits.

Many of us are not aware that President Franklin D. Roosevelt is a bass fishing enthusiast and he is responsible for instituting the formation of Tennessee Valley Authority in the year 1932. The President was also instrumental in construction of various dams and used such of those dams for multiplying bass fish species on a larger scale. And it was a wide spread belief that but for the President Roosevelt, today’s people would not have had this much of bass fishing entertainment at all.

Then slowly the use of nylon nets came into being and this was introduced by the popular Dupont Company and the story goes thus: Using the nylon net one of the bass fishing enthusiast by name Larry Nixon could win a major prize money of $1 million in the year 1992 and this has made the entire world to stand up and look at the bass fishing with interest.

When it comes to the variety or the species of bass, there a number of such species, but a quick look at few of them will suffice for the time being.

• Micropterus punctuates is one of the species which is commonly referred to as Kentucky bass

• The other species is Micropterus dolmieui and it is popularly known as Small mouth bass

• The Micropterus salmoides (Lacepede) species is the Large mouth bass and are commonly found in large numbers

Again, within the bass species category, they stand to differ among the species available or prevalent in various countries. For instance, the North American Bass is comparable with its Australian counterpart, but there will be few distinct features that will differentiate them markedly.

The Bass fishing continued as a sport and pastime activity till the end of 1950 and the real break came after this year. The bass fishing activity took a giant leap and the people saw a variety of tools and equipment used and soon the bass fishing activity started contributing to the American economy to the tune of around 50 to 70 billion dollars and this figure is increasing steadily. Today the number of people who are engaged in bass fishing is more than the number of people pursuing golf or tennis.

As the time progressed, with the advent of various electrical and electronic appliances, the bass fishing activity also saw few modern gadgets introduced that enhanced the efficiency of the anglers substantially.

Bass fishing is a wonderful activity and to derive the maximum benefits out of it, it is better you get to know few basics about the activity and it will be sure your additional knowledge can see you through your success in bass fishing. Get a guide on bass fishing and you can get to know the bass facts fast and easy.

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